Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Three Things: Wallpaper, Norse Projects, Hermès

Today's Three Things feature a rehearsal video from Wallpaper, Norse Project's new denim range, and a youth targeted viral from Hermès.

Watch as Indie funk duo Wallpaper take feelgood and place it on a pre-medicated dose of steroids. Their drive through the barren Nevada desert is an enviable location for a rehearsal studio, and their nostalgia laden track 'Indian Summer' - with its infectious carefree nature harking 'best of summer' memories -  plays the perfect accompaniment.

With an appreciation for the uncluttered aesthetic, Danish brand Norse Projects makes its first foray into denim with trademark Scandinavian clarity. Constructed with 13.5oz white selvedge denim produced exclusively for the company at their European factory and a Norse Projects pin for understated adornment, the range encompasses three fits: Regular Straight, Slim Straight, and Tapered.

Just when you thought you had earmarked fingerboards as a crazy childhood fad, French high fashion house Hermès revives the 90's playground toy to showcase their collections in an uncharacteristic tongue-in-cheek light. As the words 'Hermès' and 'Viral' in the same sentence represent a somewhat alien affair, the brand will have to wait on bated breath to see if the video resonates well with its younger target audience.

Monday, 1 November 2010


Taken in a period just shy of 48 hours, the following pictures are of a recent jaunt in Sweden's vibrant capital, Stockholm. A place that thrives from comfortable contrasts - where ornate medieval architecture seem just at home as their modernist counterparts - it's not surprising that it effortlessly presents forward thinking with a classic charm. The city's thumping heartbeat however does not lie with its buildings, but rather its inhabitants, who's progressive nature of Nordic cool ensure they are just as beautiful as Stockholm itself.

Click below for the full set

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Three Things: S.E.H Kelly, Azealia Banks, Nanamica

This long overdue Three Things features menswear craftworkers S.E.H Kelly, rising star Azealia Banks, and the aesthetically minded Nanamica.

S.E.H KELLY AW 2010 - BOOK No.1
Operating under a strict 'Made in England' credos, a mark that almost guarantees heritage and superb workmanship, S.E.H Kelly has made a resolute inception into the field of menswear. The pieces from their Autumn/Winter collection emanate an unperturbed quality, succinctly paying homage to the unwavering attention given in the production process - from inspiration taken from their experience on Saville Row, to sourcing trusted relationships for every garment component with selected local suppliers.

Image Source: S.E.H Kelly

Burgeoning talent Azealia Banks looks set to leave an unabashed mark on the hip hop industry. Armed with a razor sharp tongue and an insouciant swagger to match, L8R leaves us with a unrelenting bass pleasing snippet of her lyrical prowess. Attention grabbing gimmicks don't make the cut in her repertoire, delivering a distilled rawness that is almost unheard of amongst her peers.

Renowned for handling the premium Purple Label for The North Face, Japanese label Nanamica once again demonstrate their tenacious affinity towards technical functionality and austere simplicity with their  Fall/Winter 2010 Cycle Pack. Made from Cordura Nylon, the pack's stark uninterrupted design is a prime example of utilitarian aesthetics.

Image Source: Present London

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tim Soar Spring/Summer 2011

Apologies for the silence around here the past week, a combination of manic days, lazy nights and one boozy weekend in Sweden has resulted in, well, a neglected blog. The following are some photos I took of the Tim Soar SS11 show on Menswear day at London Fashion Week. Proving a refined craft for immaculate and contemporary tailoring, Tim Soar's latest collection takes inspiration from David Bowie's character 'Mr Newton' in the seventies film The Man Who Fell To Earth. Without screaming an archaic ode to the era, wide lapels, long lines and big flares take prominence within the collection, described by the man himself as 'the New Wave utilitarian aesthetic'. A bold statement perhaps, but the beauty of the collection lies in his penchant for technicality - utilising an eclectic fabric palette that samples knit, welded PU, new and recycled denim, and Tyvek to present selected iconic styles of the disco decade with a delicate, understated, and updated twist.

The full set follows.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Disposable Perspectives

Image Source: Disposable Perspectives Camera 36

A tangible backlash against the digital world and mass commercialisation, Disposable Perspectives holds a belief in the world itself as a platform for creativity, actively driving the cause for anyone to express their perspectives irrespective of their technical abilities. An admirable and interesting project, their simple concept invites people to visually engage with their creative thoughts, by sending out disposable film cameras or encouraging people to use their own, and asking them to capture a series of shots that revolve around a theme predefined by themselves. An intriguing set of photos are presented as a result, where the effortless method of photography used gives way to a complete focus on representation and viewpoint.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Three Things: Idiot Glee, Backyard Bill, Roy Slaper

Today's three things for your viewing pleasure come in the form of Idiot Glee's spine-tingling vocals, the work of Backyard Bill, and master of his craft Roy Slaper.

Kentucky native James Friley's (otherwise known as Idiot Glee) haunting vocals deliver a new dimension of angst, whilst conjuring up images of smalltown USA, in this cover of Bill Withers' legendary tale of heartbreak and love lost. Make sure you pen down October 4th, the day of his debut release 'All Packed Up' on Moshi Moshi records.

A site mercifully at the whim of the personal style of it's subjects, Bill photographs a selection of eclectic individuals wearing outfits that they feel most comfortable in, and in turn presents a set of pure visuals defined by the people themselves. The photo below, that belongs to a set of photos that embody the notions of freedom, is taken from his latest work with Happy Socks.

Image Source: Backyard Bill

One to whet the whistle's of any denim enthusiasts out there, this video enters the studio of artisan and aficionado Roy Slaper as he labouriously undertakes the painstakingly intricate production process of a pair of handcrafted denim jeans. Ensuring that each pair is custom made to individual specifications, it's no wonder that Roy has no problems with disgruntled customers breaking down his door to seek their money back.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Spring Fashion Film presents 1880

Contrasts play the focus in this stunning short by Spring Fashion Film. Washed out summer tinged hues convey a playful nature to the video, with the almost blank canvas of the 'girl in the white dress' juxtaposing against her vibrant surroundings, it emphasises themes of innocence and childlike exploration as she interacts with the serene environment. There is an impressive attention to detail demonstrated in this film, and the adept use of Bokeh and slow Pan-and-Zoom at the right moments help create something that is both aesthetically beautiful and striking in delivery.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Heritage Research Modified Longline Parka

Utilitarian and timeless are two words that are permanent fixtures in Heritage Research's brand vocabulary. With an ethos that is based around producing traditional rugged garments that match contemporary aesthetics, details play an integral part in the way they work - right down to the painstakingly sourced original fabrics to enlisting only masters of the craft for their production methods. This Modified Longline Parka is a standout piece from the A/W 2010 collection, made from Wax Millerain cotton, and is a prime example of their devotion to functionality and workmanship. Available now along with the rest of the collection at Oi Polloi.

Image Source: Oi Polloi

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Three Things: Budapest, Douster, Karvt

Today's three little bits of goodness come in the form of Hungary's vibrant capital, wooden gadget covers, and the Circle of Life - but not as we know it.

This is a photo I took this time last year in Budapest, a bohemian city with a dated grandeur that is great for the urban explorer. Part of its charm lies in not making an overt effort to promote a tourist culture, making quirky finds all that more interesting - such as Corvinteto, a rooftop club atop an old communist department store. Did I also forget to mention that Budapest is home to one of the few places in the world where you can grab a pint for 30 pence?!

This one's a bass dial-turner. Relive the warmer days and carnival vibes, as Douster reworks the classic 'Circle of Life' from Disney's Lion King with a mix of funky inspired riffs and an almost tribal bassline, to make this a certified banger.

Go all earthy-mother-nature-esque this autumn, with a real wood cover for your beloved apple product. With a range of different types available and a sturdy finish, there's no reason why you can't match your laptop cover to your mood - and possibly even your floor.

Image Source: Karvt

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

'If You Leave' - A Project by Laurence Von Thomas

Image Source: Laurence Von Thomas' Photostream

If You Leave is quite literally a feast for the eyes. A testament to creative vision, each photo has been carefully handpicked by photographer-gone-curator Laurence Von Thomas from a pool submitted by non commercial photographers. Laurence's affection for dreamlike, almost ethereal, atmospheres has a very apparent influence on the collection, and can also perhaps be explained by the same inclination when approaching his own photography. The coarseness of the grains within the photos resonates the feeling of a casual observer to an enigmatic state of intimacy, which as a result, leaves a set of captivating visuals that are both striking in tone and sombre in disposition.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Luminary: The Selby

Image Source: The Selby

Meet Todd Selby. A tremendously talented creative whose voyeuristic concept of photography exposes his keen intuition for details, and has even been hailed as the 'Larry Flint of apartment porn'. His premise holds beauty in its simplicity, and is refreshingly free from any traces of arty spiel. Essentially, he is an interiors and fashion photographer. Be fooled not though, as Todd does not mess about with big budget glossy spreads. For him, a shoot involves being 'on location' inside someone's own personal space, and being granted free reign with their most intimate and prized possessions (in terms of photography, of course).

Whilst the concept is unorthodox, his subjects are far from just your ordinary joe. Todd's impressive client list is now a treasure trove containing the who's who of the creative community and their veritably hip abodes - a far cry from starting out photographing his friends' homes. Unfazed, the social status of his subjects matters not. Taking a candid approach to these people's lives, he documents their self made living spaces, and holds a penchant for exposing their quirks - and perhaps hidden interests - ending up with a concept that breathes new life to the term 'Peeping Tom'.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Three Things: Detachments, Creative Social, Kitsune X Mackintosh

Since graduating this summer, things have been surprisingly hectic, leaving this poor blog open to substantial neglect. Now, I'm not the most zealous blogger around (evident by the lengthy gaps of laziness - or 'hiatuses') but I figured if there was any point in keeping this project alive, I'd have to bite the bullet and put fingers to keys. With the sea of great material floating about the web, providing you with a twice weekly bite-sized chunk featuring three picks of creative goodness might just do the trick. I make no promises however, so take the 'twice weekly' part with a pinch of salt.

Detachments - Holiday Romance Video
Theres nothing like grainy imagery and french subtitles, to hark memories of great British seaside holiday nostalgia. Well, according to Detachments anyway. The haunting vocals however, complement the drab footage to create an altogether more atmospheric affair.

Creative Social
Held twice a year, Creative Social is an peace summit-esque meeting of creative minds. Whilst that may sound like a bit of a pretension-fest, the following few minutes contain some pretty inspiring discussions featuring some of the worlds most intelligent creative thinkers.

Kitsuné X Mackintosh
French creative house Kitsuné have teamed up with Mackintosh, purveyors of the quintessential British raincoat (lovingly named the 'mac'), for Fall/Winter 2010. The collection of three coats have been designed to represent the energy of three cities: Tokyo, Paris, and London, whilst still adhering to the elegant cut and functional details of the classic garment.

Image Credit: Kitsuné Blog

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Levi's x Beardyman & Bass Clef

Tuesday night saw Beardyman and Bass Clef's turn to make their rampant mark on one of the intimate Levi's Craft of Music live sessions. Having made the short walk over to the Levi's store on Regent Street after work, we were greeted in the warmest form possible - a la open bar. However, the mainstay of the night wasn't the free tipple, but rather the unfeigned talent that was demonstrated by the two headlining acts for the evening, who treated the crowd to a plethora of gritty basslines coupled with an experimental vibe. Full details on the night's happenings can found by clicking below.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Traversing Rooftops

Nothing beats the feeling of height. The following photos were shot whilst exploring the hives of industrial activity on the outskirts of Kentish Town. Check out the full set by clicking below.

Monday, 23 August 2010

King Noir

Image Source: King Noir Online Store

Keep an eye on these guys. Purveyors of the burgeoning streetwear brand King Noir, London based creative duo Laurence Gumm and Thomas Gilmour are masters of illustrative design. Their impressive collection of t-shirts, inspired by tattooing and skateboard culture, pay testament to the intricate nature of their skills and their aptitude for delicate craftsmanship - something lacking in a mass of streetwear thoughtlessly adorned with bold fonts and brand logos. These guys don't mess about with slogans, just pure unadulterated design. Simply the way it's meant to be.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Concrete Glory

A couple of photos taken on a gloomy Saturday afternoon, in a rare part of the Kings Cross area that feels a world away from the gleam of mass redevelopment and the tourist crush. Check them out by clicking below.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cold War - Janelle Monae

'Cold War' by Janelle Monae is stunning. The compelling video can only be described as magnificent. So powerful. It's a complete paradox of visuals - mysterious yet vulnerably open, simple yet complexly intricate, soft yet hard, naive yet real. Give Janelle one take, and she'll throw back the rawest emotion I've seen in a music video for years. An extraordinary talent.

'Sky Surfing' - Toddla T x Wayne Marshall (Douster Remix)

It's pretty hard to get philosophical when a track like this speaks for itself. It is what it is - a straight up banger. Toddla T partners up with dancehall native Wayne Marshall to produce this energetic monster, tearing out every page of the rule book and clashing styles in one big musical orgy. I particularly like this remix by Douster, who strips the track back presenting it in a raw and gritty light, almost sounding like a homage to a class of earlier grime classics. Toddla T is playing Fabric this friday alongside bass don Drop The Lime, if you fancy a good night on his behalf. Check out 'Sky Surfing' below.

Photo taken from Toddla T's Myspace
Track courtesy of Big Up Magazine

Sky Surfing feat Wayne Marshall (Douster Remix) by bigupmagazine

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Hotel Mexico

'It's twinkle' by Hotel Mexico is one of those songs that come along every so often, which leaves you feeling pensive and exhilarated simultaneously in one rather confusing four minute block. Having mastered and precision-layered their instruments in an orderly chaos, the psychedelic tones hint at themes of euphoria and nostalgia, whilst the constant energetic tempo may leave the listener in store for a shock, as they are abruptly dropped off at the silence of the end.

Hotel Mexico - Its Twinkle by Second Royal Records

Also check out 'Do You Do You HAIA', a track that didn't make the cut of the new album His Jewelled Letter Box. Whilst not as striking as 'It's twinkle', they've stuck to their progressive ethos whilst presenting a lot more of a cultural sound, which if anything to go by, is a promise of exciting things from a band that thrives on experimentation.

Hotel Mexico - Do you Do you HAIA by Second Royal Records

Photo courtesy of Hotel Mexico's Myspace

Monday, 2 August 2010

Field day festivities

There were smiles all round last week when I managed to get my grubby mitts on a last-minute pair of Field Day guestlist places. So late saturday afternoon (bearing a sickly hangover courtesy of the Manchester crew's visit the night before), armed with my camera and Sarah in tow, we arrived at a sun kissed Victoria Park. Now, before we'd even set foot through the gates, this year had already trumped it's predecessors by a long shot. Yes, after past year's apocalyptic noah's ark-esque downpours, the weather had finally got tired of pissing down shitloads on a field full of hipsters.

And what a difference it made. The chilled vibe was infectious, and the mood was uplifting. Even the booze tasted better. The line up didn't disappoint either, with Caribou, whose electronic goodness complemented the setting sun well; although unfortunately, half the festival seemed to think so too - which meant that any type of dancing movement resulted almost definitely in facial contact with the (hairy) back belonging to the guy in front, tripping off the copious amounts of ketamine he had just taken. Phoenix as headliners were an obvious stand out of the day, and their flawless set was an apt closer to a triumph of a festival.

The full photo set follows.

Monday, 26 July 2010

I scream

Was at Ben & Jerry's annual marketing ploy unlimited ice cream bonanza this weekend on Clapham Common. Unfortunately, we landed tickets for the day with the shit line up, but the lure of unlimited ice cream meant that it was not gonna stop us. Not a great deal to say about this one - High points consisted of nearly throwing up on a volatile mix of too much ice cream and cider, the sun making a welcome appearance, and the eclectic line up at the acoustic stage; Low points included the mediocre main stage line up, the vomit inducing cider, and Scouting For Girls headlining.

Click below for more ice cream fun.

Monday, 19 July 2010

The drinks are on the Creators Project

Last week, I managed to nab a couple of guestlist places to the Creators Project Party hosted by Vice and Intel. So managing to coax a few mates to don their glad rags under the promise of free booze, a favourable line up, and cutting edge art installations, we headed out on an early saturday evening to Victoria House in Bloomsbury. What followed was a relatively raucous affair, and upon sight of the open bar, we were like four hyperactive kids who had just been locked in Hamleys for the night.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Speakerwaves: M.I.A, Hurts, Sleigh Bells, Kele, and Serocee

My speakers have had a lot of good lovin' this week. Here is my pick of the crop.


Looks like the hype surrounding M.I.A's forthcoming album is not unfounded. This track, the first single to be released, is a far cry from the earlier leaked Born Free, where she swaps brash punk tones for a more catchy electro vibe. M.I.A might be building up a persona around being some sort of controversial political activist through her music, but it's nice to know that she still knows how to party.

M.I.A - XXXO by hostessentertainment

Hurts - Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker remix)

This track by Hurts has all the workings to be an anthem for teenage struggle, but for now, the upbeat synths and feel good vibe will make this the anthem for your next friday night binge boozer. A definite beer spiller.

Hurts - Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker remix) by hannahaustin1984

Sleigh Bells - Crown On The Ground

One major thing to note about this track (or any track on the Sleigh Bells album for that matter) is that it deserves nothing less than speaker love. I learned this a few days ago listening the bass-less fuzz coming from my laptop at 3am, contemplating whether an appearance on Neighbours From Hell would be worth giving this track speaker justice. Unless you can blast this track on loud, don't press play.

Sleigh Bells - Crown On The Ground by pepitopea

Kele - Everything You Wanted

Despite concerning whats sounds like a pretty bitter break up, Kele turns the subject into a somewhat euphoric affair. I can imagine this song will sound amazing live, making Kele a must see if you're going to be at the Vice Creators Project party this saturday in London. If you can't wait until then, an awesome live version is available at

Kele - Everything You Wanted by 1FTP

Serocee - Badeng

Even though Carnival is still a month and a bit away, the recent British heatwave means that it can't hurt to get in the spirit. And this track by Serocee, with its lendings from dancehall and funky, make it the perfect accompaniment.

Serocee - Badeng by madbal

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The making of Louis Vuitton x FIFA World Cup

This video is a designer bootlegger's dream. In just over two and a half minutes, we see the process taken by Louis Vuitton to transform a few planks of wood, a few yards of leather adorned in their iconic print, and a couple of gold bits and bobs, into possibly the most valuable carry case in the world. That's right, in true Blue Peter spirit, now you can have a go at making your own version of the custom World Cup trophy case commissioned by FIFA, unveiled to the world by Naomi Campbell last month.

In my opinion, FIFA should use it with caution. Seeing as the World Cup has already been unceremoniously shafted twice in its history, carting the trophy around in Louis Vuitton's ubiquitous monogram case is probably not the best deterrent for those looking to get their grubby mitts on the golden beaut. Whats more, who's to say that an LV toting WAG won't mistake the case as her own? I reckon that whoever the unfortunate victim is would be horrified at the prospect of finding a huge lump of gold occupying the spot where their beloved mutt 'Cinderella' was once peacefully laid.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The yard

The following is the result of convincing your flatmate to traipse around a dumping ground wearing your clothes.

Shoot Credits
Photos: Josh Solana
Model: Sarah Curtis
Wearing: Vintage scarf, American Apparel jacket, Vintage Levi's denim shirt, Topshop leggings, Market bought army boots (models own)

The full set is after the cut.

Hello real world

So its officially been one week since I joined the real world. Yes, that fateful day when your status changes from student to unemployed (waste of space). Hence, I am spreading the gospel on this Mark Ronson video for the Creators Project, where he talks Winehouse and Hip Hop, in order to instill some sort of purpose back into my life. Am I suddenly some sort of Obama, empowered to change the world? Probably. But definitely watch this anyway.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Meet diplo

Meet Diplo, purveyor of last summer's crossover banger 'Pon De Floor' with partner Switch, as he talks to VBS in Jamaica about production, globalisation and diversity, and the evolution of the music scene.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Winner of the Best Animated Short Film at this years Oscars, French collective H5 made up of François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy and Ludovic Houplain, take the concept of product placement and give it an overdose of steroids to present an apocalyptic view on the world of corporate branding.

Logorama from Marc Altshuler - Human Music on Vimeo.

Sunday, 4 April 2010


I'm still inept at being able to gage four wheels, so when I got back into London this week to hear my good mate had recently invested in a new car, I saw it as a big thing. We decided the only decent thing to do was to pay homage to our teenage years and go for a drive. A bit like a "screw you, we're vehicularly mobile bitches" to the oppressors(?) trying to hold us down. Here are pictures:

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sorry times a million

Sorry about the sound of silence around here lately, I'm on the verge of becoming a fully fledged no prospect dole seeking graduate, so I figured the least I could do is salvage the best grade I can from the three years I've wasted. A couple of things to look out for though; Vice launched a new style website this week at, visit that to be transformed into your local style icon overnight, leading to sex on demand and whatever else you may want from life. Also, Palladium Boots (the brand behind the hidden New York video I posted ages ago) have flown over to Blighty to explore London's pirate radio scene. Check it out below:

Friday, 19 February 2010


Ah, the modern man. We are the new breed. Well groomed, sensitive, level headed, masculine. We wake up every morning, empowered and strong, standing resilient in light of the world and it's adversities wearing - wait what...UGG'S?! WTF.

Now spotting someone who has bought into this retarded take on the 'fashion statement' is somewhat of a rarity (It is akin to how often you walk past a tramp who has a glass eye and a wooden leg, with the feelings of pity and disgust being equally similar), but whilst out today, I spotted not one, but TWO offenders. In the same place. Within metres of each other. Don't judge me for thinking the rapture would surely follow short.

Let me tell you my problem with any penis owner (or not, as it seems) making a conscious decision to wear Ugg's. Not only are you parading around in boots that have risen to prominence thanks to the female population, but prolonged use makes your ankles look like you suffer from acute arthritis. I understand that the great thing about fashion is that each individual interpretation is subjective, but when everyone around is looking at you like you have 'I'M A MASSIVE DOUCHE' written in indelible ink across your forehead, surely one would take that as hint of a no no.

In short, let the girls have this one. Just like thongs, short shorts, and make up, some things are better left to the fairer sex. You may state comfort as the method to your madness, but it's not like we live in a society where walking over hot coals is the norm for the daily commute. Do your gender a favour.

Image source: Google images

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Gospel truth

OK, so this is old, and a pity that it forms part of a Belvedere campaign; but listen to Terry Richardson as he preaches the gospel truth about good taste in a mere 55 seconds.

Terry Richardson on Luxury and Taste from on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

work it manchester. 27th feb.

Find a little slice of Hackney uprooted and plonked down in Manchester on February 27th, as the Work It crew host a night at the Deaf Institute. Details at

Monday, 15 February 2010

swansea love story

I went to Swansea once. A quaint little village called Sketty, to be exact. Now where I'm from, I wouldn't be blamed for thinking that a place called Sketty would be home to an army of man hungry STD laden whores, getting down and dirty in a massive sex pit amidst the Welsh hills (nb. if you're still lost, urban dictionary 'sket'). However, to my pleasant surprise, I found a sleepy village where the only hints of action came from a heated debate between the locals about who killed who on Eastenders the night before. You can always rely on the Welsh to uphold traditional British values, I thought. No drugs here thank you, we're Welsh.

Apparently though, there is more to Swansea than meets the eye. Leo Leigh and Andy Capper for VBS follow Amy and Cornelius, a couple dealing with the reality of being addicted to heroin and booze. Graphic but at some points heartwarming, it is a stark insight into two lives that are completely dependent on substance abuse.

Watch it now at:

plane and simple

If only everyone dealt with missing a plane in the same favour as Toddla T and Serocee. Not only would we see a decrease in stress related illnesses, but it would see the birth of a new burgeoning genre of hype music. An all round economy booster - Alistair Darling take note.

burger king

One for all the sneaker freakers out there. Cedric Dubourg charts the route of a pair of nikes into an intense burger eating contest. Effortless and refined, I believe this guy could turn brushing my teeth into an interesting short.

Nike- Sneak Around from Cedric Dubourg on Vimeo.

the cost of success?

I'd be pretty embarrassed if I was Fearne Cotton walking down the street, spotting myself in that uncomfortable looking pose with a massive blue penis ejaculating all over my chin. I'd also be kicking myself as I thought I made a rather successful crossover from being a spunky saturday morning children's presenter to interviewing real celebrities such as Paris Hilton, only to realize that I'm not as 'down with the kids' as I originally thought.

But I (actual me, not Fearne me) don't really fault her. Success will always come at the cost of looking like a total dickhead (literally) at some point. Hopefully one day I'll reach those withering heights of success. And I can only pray that when it is my turn to sell my soul in this pursuit, it'll be in an activity that won't warrant a cock in my face.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


41 days

It has been a whole 41 days since I clicked the 'New Post' button. I would like to say that the reason for the hiatus was because I decided to disappear for a while to live with an amazonian tribe in hope of learning the ways of the jungle. I didn't. I could also say I got completely immersed in some underground subculture full of non stop raves, wild sex antics, punks and piercings. But I haven't. No, in all brute honesty, my last 41 days have been somewhat akin to the way homeless people decide to live their lives. Albeit with a roof over my head, but in other words, a WASTE.

OK, maybe a bit extreme. I have actually taken note of the following things in the last 41 days.

1. I am 21. FUCK I AM 21.
2. I am now being punished with a two day recovery time after one major night. It's basically a 'grow the fuck up' slap across the face from the drinking gods.
3. If you spill drinks over your laptop, they WILL die. Cue annoying insurance lady.
4. The rather strange growth in popularity of wearing 3D glasses from Avatar as a fashion trend. Mysterious.
5. I will be joining the 'real' world in 6 months. FUCK I AM 21 WITH ZERO JOB PROSPECTS.
6. The Prodigy are, and always will be, the dogs bollocks. Woi oi saveloy.