Friday, 31 July 2009

wedding bells

This is fuuuuuunnnnnnnyyyyyyyy. Although I think I'll have to watch it again because I missed half of it having a cringe induced fit. Then again, maybe not. I am however inspired, I'm thinking of doing my own version to So Solid Crew's 21 seconds - that way every member of the wedding party will have a part and it'll give my wedding an urban edge. Yeahh...I might even rope in an Audi TT to come down the aisle to complete the theme. Props to the happy couple though - they're the ones who'll have to face looks of horror and shame when they eventually show the video to their mentally scarred kids.

my town

london skyline

Source: Unknown

I'd like to buy the genius who took this photo a drink. This is the most breathtaking photo of the London skyline I've ever seen. Energy? Check. Buzz? Check. Life? Check. And it still manages to show that whilst keeping the overall mood of the photo calm and chilled - a bit like a Mafia boss sitting back sipping on a martini whilst watching the chaos of an underground cage brawl ensue. Gangsta.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Apparently it doesn't take just milkshake to bring the boys to the yard. Cargo reckon it takes a bit of live music, DJ's tearing up the wheels of steel and even candyfloss and popcorn! Did I also forget to mention its all for free? I'm game as they definitely know the way to this boys heart, but the real reason why I'm excited comes in the form of genre-defying MPHO. She first came under my radar when she opened for Mr Hudson in Manchester last month and didn't fail to impress.  Sure, her debut single 'BoxNLocks' is strong - a slick electronic pop tune with an urban edge that almost seems it was written specifically for droptop-down convertible mustang driving. But it was seeing perform her rendition of Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill' (above) live that plucked some heartstrings, and live is where MPHO really comes into her element. So do what you must to get down to Cargo tonight, or miss this at your musical peril.

pon de flooooorrr

Fucking finally! You know that feeling when you hear an amazing tune, have it stuck in your head for ages not knowing what it is and hum the 3 seconds that you do know over and over again just to remember the overall greatness of the tune? Yeah, well its shit. Except of course for the one-in-a-million times that you do eventually figure out what the absolute blinder is. The video above is Major Lazer - Pon De Floor, a tune Diplo dropped in his set at Lovebox and I've had in my head ever since. I did try and ask a mate as we were leaving what the tune was, but as I started to replicate the electronically mashed up chorus I realized how much of a twat I looked (even next to the paralytic dickheads in pink furry cowboy hats) and that was that. So if you don't know about this tune in all its bass heavy booty poppin goodness, GET TO KNOW!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

rebellion lives!

Site I'm loving at the moment:

I love the whole concept of the site above - it takes what is so frustrating and annoyingly PC about the world today and shoves it back up its own arse in a fuck you tongue-in-cheek kinda way. Its a bit like Flickr - except where composition, contrast and texture are not the measures of a good photograph but rather the ballsy (and somewhat stupid) lengths someone would go to rebel through photography. Admirable? Without a doubt.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

what would you put in your lovebox?

in all its 2 megapixel goodness, here are tidbits from the lovebox festival 2009.


trying to skank to diplo whilst taking pictures with your iphone results in this. cool.


and this. trippy.


here's friendly fires doin 'paris'. looks like the stage is on fire and everyone's cheering.


there's pharell with all the underage females on the stage. pimpin!


this reminds me of the eiffel tower. might've be the lights. might've been friendly fires in the background. imagine a helter skelter around the eiffel tower - whoa!