Friday, 19 February 2010


Ah, the modern man. We are the new breed. Well groomed, sensitive, level headed, masculine. We wake up every morning, empowered and strong, standing resilient in light of the world and it's adversities wearing - wait what...UGG'S?! WTF.

Now spotting someone who has bought into this retarded take on the 'fashion statement' is somewhat of a rarity (It is akin to how often you walk past a tramp who has a glass eye and a wooden leg, with the feelings of pity and disgust being equally similar), but whilst out today, I spotted not one, but TWO offenders. In the same place. Within metres of each other. Don't judge me for thinking the rapture would surely follow short.

Let me tell you my problem with any penis owner (or not, as it seems) making a conscious decision to wear Ugg's. Not only are you parading around in boots that have risen to prominence thanks to the female population, but prolonged use makes your ankles look like you suffer from acute arthritis. I understand that the great thing about fashion is that each individual interpretation is subjective, but when everyone around is looking at you like you have 'I'M A MASSIVE DOUCHE' written in indelible ink across your forehead, surely one would take that as hint of a no no.

In short, let the girls have this one. Just like thongs, short shorts, and make up, some things are better left to the fairer sex. You may state comfort as the method to your madness, but it's not like we live in a society where walking over hot coals is the norm for the daily commute. Do your gender a favour.

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Gospel truth

OK, so this is old, and a pity that it forms part of a Belvedere campaign; but listen to Terry Richardson as he preaches the gospel truth about good taste in a mere 55 seconds.

Terry Richardson on Luxury and Taste from on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

work it manchester. 27th feb.

Find a little slice of Hackney uprooted and plonked down in Manchester on February 27th, as the Work It crew host a night at the Deaf Institute. Details at

Monday, 15 February 2010

swansea love story

I went to Swansea once. A quaint little village called Sketty, to be exact. Now where I'm from, I wouldn't be blamed for thinking that a place called Sketty would be home to an army of man hungry STD laden whores, getting down and dirty in a massive sex pit amidst the Welsh hills (nb. if you're still lost, urban dictionary 'sket'). However, to my pleasant surprise, I found a sleepy village where the only hints of action came from a heated debate between the locals about who killed who on Eastenders the night before. You can always rely on the Welsh to uphold traditional British values, I thought. No drugs here thank you, we're Welsh.

Apparently though, there is more to Swansea than meets the eye. Leo Leigh and Andy Capper for VBS follow Amy and Cornelius, a couple dealing with the reality of being addicted to heroin and booze. Graphic but at some points heartwarming, it is a stark insight into two lives that are completely dependent on substance abuse.

Watch it now at:

plane and simple

If only everyone dealt with missing a plane in the same favour as Toddla T and Serocee. Not only would we see a decrease in stress related illnesses, but it would see the birth of a new burgeoning genre of hype music. An all round economy booster - Alistair Darling take note.

burger king

One for all the sneaker freakers out there. Cedric Dubourg charts the route of a pair of nikes into an intense burger eating contest. Effortless and refined, I believe this guy could turn brushing my teeth into an interesting short.

Nike- Sneak Around from Cedric Dubourg on Vimeo.

the cost of success?

I'd be pretty embarrassed if I was Fearne Cotton walking down the street, spotting myself in that uncomfortable looking pose with a massive blue penis ejaculating all over my chin. I'd also be kicking myself as I thought I made a rather successful crossover from being a spunky saturday morning children's presenter to interviewing real celebrities such as Paris Hilton, only to realize that I'm not as 'down with the kids' as I originally thought.

But I (actual me, not Fearne me) don't really fault her. Success will always come at the cost of looking like a total dickhead (literally) at some point. Hopefully one day I'll reach those withering heights of success. And I can only pray that when it is my turn to sell my soul in this pursuit, it'll be in an activity that won't warrant a cock in my face.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


41 days

It has been a whole 41 days since I clicked the 'New Post' button. I would like to say that the reason for the hiatus was because I decided to disappear for a while to live with an amazonian tribe in hope of learning the ways of the jungle. I didn't. I could also say I got completely immersed in some underground subculture full of non stop raves, wild sex antics, punks and piercings. But I haven't. No, in all brute honesty, my last 41 days have been somewhat akin to the way homeless people decide to live their lives. Albeit with a roof over my head, but in other words, a WASTE.

OK, maybe a bit extreme. I have actually taken note of the following things in the last 41 days.

1. I am 21. FUCK I AM 21.
2. I am now being punished with a two day recovery time after one major night. It's basically a 'grow the fuck up' slap across the face from the drinking gods.
3. If you spill drinks over your laptop, they WILL die. Cue annoying insurance lady.
4. The rather strange growth in popularity of wearing 3D glasses from Avatar as a fashion trend. Mysterious.
5. I will be joining the 'real' world in 6 months. FUCK I AM 21 WITH ZERO JOB PROSPECTS.
6. The Prodigy are, and always will be, the dogs bollocks. Woi oi saveloy.