Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tim Soar Spring/Summer 2011

Apologies for the silence around here the past week, a combination of manic days, lazy nights and one boozy weekend in Sweden has resulted in, well, a neglected blog. The following are some photos I took of the Tim Soar SS11 show on Menswear day at London Fashion Week. Proving a refined craft for immaculate and contemporary tailoring, Tim Soar's latest collection takes inspiration from David Bowie's character 'Mr Newton' in the seventies film The Man Who Fell To Earth. Without screaming an archaic ode to the era, wide lapels, long lines and big flares take prominence within the collection, described by the man himself as 'the New Wave utilitarian aesthetic'. A bold statement perhaps, but the beauty of the collection lies in his penchant for technicality - utilising an eclectic fabric palette that samples knit, welded PU, new and recycled denim, and Tyvek to present selected iconic styles of the disco decade with a delicate, understated, and updated twist.

The full set follows.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Disposable Perspectives

Image Source: Disposable Perspectives Camera 36

A tangible backlash against the digital world and mass commercialisation, Disposable Perspectives holds a belief in the world itself as a platform for creativity, actively driving the cause for anyone to express their perspectives irrespective of their technical abilities. An admirable and interesting project, their simple concept invites people to visually engage with their creative thoughts, by sending out disposable film cameras or encouraging people to use their own, and asking them to capture a series of shots that revolve around a theme predefined by themselves. An intriguing set of photos are presented as a result, where the effortless method of photography used gives way to a complete focus on representation and viewpoint.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Three Things: Idiot Glee, Backyard Bill, Roy Slaper

Today's three things for your viewing pleasure come in the form of Idiot Glee's spine-tingling vocals, the work of Backyard Bill, and master of his craft Roy Slaper.

Kentucky native James Friley's (otherwise known as Idiot Glee) haunting vocals deliver a new dimension of angst, whilst conjuring up images of smalltown USA, in this cover of Bill Withers' legendary tale of heartbreak and love lost. Make sure you pen down October 4th, the day of his debut release 'All Packed Up' on Moshi Moshi records.

A site mercifully at the whim of the personal style of it's subjects, Bill photographs a selection of eclectic individuals wearing outfits that they feel most comfortable in, and in turn presents a set of pure visuals defined by the people themselves. The photo below, that belongs to a set of photos that embody the notions of freedom, is taken from his latest work with Happy Socks.

Image Source: Backyard Bill

One to whet the whistle's of any denim enthusiasts out there, this video enters the studio of artisan and aficionado Roy Slaper as he labouriously undertakes the painstakingly intricate production process of a pair of handcrafted denim jeans. Ensuring that each pair is custom made to individual specifications, it's no wonder that Roy has no problems with disgruntled customers breaking down his door to seek their money back.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Spring Fashion Film presents 1880

Contrasts play the focus in this stunning short by Spring Fashion Film. Washed out summer tinged hues convey a playful nature to the video, with the almost blank canvas of the 'girl in the white dress' juxtaposing against her vibrant surroundings, it emphasises themes of innocence and childlike exploration as she interacts with the serene environment. There is an impressive attention to detail demonstrated in this film, and the adept use of Bokeh and slow Pan-and-Zoom at the right moments help create something that is both aesthetically beautiful and striking in delivery.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Heritage Research Modified Longline Parka

Utilitarian and timeless are two words that are permanent fixtures in Heritage Research's brand vocabulary. With an ethos that is based around producing traditional rugged garments that match contemporary aesthetics, details play an integral part in the way they work - right down to the painstakingly sourced original fabrics to enlisting only masters of the craft for their production methods. This Modified Longline Parka is a standout piece from the A/W 2010 collection, made from Wax Millerain cotton, and is a prime example of their devotion to functionality and workmanship. Available now along with the rest of the collection at Oi Polloi.

Image Source: Oi Polloi

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Three Things: Budapest, Douster, Karvt

Today's three little bits of goodness come in the form of Hungary's vibrant capital, wooden gadget covers, and the Circle of Life - but not as we know it.

This is a photo I took this time last year in Budapest, a bohemian city with a dated grandeur that is great for the urban explorer. Part of its charm lies in not making an overt effort to promote a tourist culture, making quirky finds all that more interesting - such as Corvinteto, a rooftop club atop an old communist department store. Did I also forget to mention that Budapest is home to one of the few places in the world where you can grab a pint for 30 pence?!

This one's a bass dial-turner. Relive the warmer days and carnival vibes, as Douster reworks the classic 'Circle of Life' from Disney's Lion King with a mix of funky inspired riffs and an almost tribal bassline, to make this a certified banger.

Go all earthy-mother-nature-esque this autumn, with a real wood cover for your beloved apple product. With a range of different types available and a sturdy finish, there's no reason why you can't match your laptop cover to your mood - and possibly even your floor.

Image Source: Karvt

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

'If You Leave' - A Project by Laurence Von Thomas

Image Source: Laurence Von Thomas' Photostream

If You Leave is quite literally a feast for the eyes. A testament to creative vision, each photo has been carefully handpicked by photographer-gone-curator Laurence Von Thomas from a pool submitted by non commercial photographers. Laurence's affection for dreamlike, almost ethereal, atmospheres has a very apparent influence on the collection, and can also perhaps be explained by the same inclination when approaching his own photography. The coarseness of the grains within the photos resonates the feeling of a casual observer to an enigmatic state of intimacy, which as a result, leaves a set of captivating visuals that are both striking in tone and sombre in disposition.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Luminary: The Selby

Image Source: The Selby

Meet Todd Selby. A tremendously talented creative whose voyeuristic concept of photography exposes his keen intuition for details, and has even been hailed as the 'Larry Flint of apartment porn'. His premise holds beauty in its simplicity, and is refreshingly free from any traces of arty spiel. Essentially, he is an interiors and fashion photographer. Be fooled not though, as Todd does not mess about with big budget glossy spreads. For him, a shoot involves being 'on location' inside someone's own personal space, and being granted free reign with their most intimate and prized possessions (in terms of photography, of course).

Whilst the concept is unorthodox, his subjects are far from just your ordinary joe. Todd's impressive client list is now a treasure trove containing the who's who of the creative community and their veritably hip abodes - a far cry from starting out photographing his friends' homes. Unfazed, the social status of his subjects matters not. Taking a candid approach to these people's lives, he documents their self made living spaces, and holds a penchant for exposing their quirks - and perhaps hidden interests - ending up with a concept that breathes new life to the term 'Peeping Tom'.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Three Things: Detachments, Creative Social, Kitsune X Mackintosh

Since graduating this summer, things have been surprisingly hectic, leaving this poor blog open to substantial neglect. Now, I'm not the most zealous blogger around (evident by the lengthy gaps of laziness - or 'hiatuses') but I figured if there was any point in keeping this project alive, I'd have to bite the bullet and put fingers to keys. With the sea of great material floating about the web, providing you with a twice weekly bite-sized chunk featuring three picks of creative goodness might just do the trick. I make no promises however, so take the 'twice weekly' part with a pinch of salt.

Detachments - Holiday Romance Video
Theres nothing like grainy imagery and french subtitles, to hark memories of great British seaside holiday nostalgia. Well, according to Detachments anyway. The haunting vocals however, complement the drab footage to create an altogether more atmospheric affair.

Creative Social
Held twice a year, Creative Social is an peace summit-esque meeting of creative minds. Whilst that may sound like a bit of a pretension-fest, the following few minutes contain some pretty inspiring discussions featuring some of the worlds most intelligent creative thinkers.

Kitsuné X Mackintosh
French creative house Kitsuné have teamed up with Mackintosh, purveyors of the quintessential British raincoat (lovingly named the 'mac'), for Fall/Winter 2010. The collection of three coats have been designed to represent the energy of three cities: Tokyo, Paris, and London, whilst still adhering to the elegant cut and functional details of the classic garment.

Image Credit: Kitsuné Blog