Sunday, 2 October 2011

Nigel Cabourn AW11

Forty years on, Nigel Cabourn has certainly cemented his position as a maven in the Menswear game. Famed for statement outerwear, Cabourn draws inspiration from an impressive archive containing over 4,000 heritage pieces of uniform and workwear, to recreate an impressive account of eras gone by. Throw in a strict commitment to traditional English manufacturing techniques that guarantees the highest level of integrity and durability, and it's no wonder that Cabourn produces some of the most coveted Menswear clothing in the world today.

Having said this, it must be duly noted that his garments aren't merely objects of desire, they are also feats of functional design - true investment pieces that almost command appreciation. However, it's the backstory behind each detail painstakingly incorporated that I find the most fascinating. Take the Coastal Command Jacket for example, where the stunning hand-painted hoods draw inspiration from the vibrant colours worn by British World War One coastal commanders, so they could easily identify each other in the dark.

View the collection now at LN-CC, and take a look at the video below to hear the rundown on the new collection from the man himself.

Image & Video Source: LN-CC
Coastal Command Jacket and King George Coat available now from LN-CC