Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Three Things: S.E.H Kelly, Azealia Banks, Nanamica

This long overdue Three Things features menswear craftworkers S.E.H Kelly, rising star Azealia Banks, and the aesthetically minded Nanamica.

S.E.H KELLY AW 2010 - BOOK No.1
Operating under a strict 'Made in England' credos, a mark that almost guarantees heritage and superb workmanship, S.E.H Kelly has made a resolute inception into the field of menswear. The pieces from their Autumn/Winter collection emanate an unperturbed quality, succinctly paying homage to the unwavering attention given in the production process - from inspiration taken from their experience on Saville Row, to sourcing trusted relationships for every garment component with selected local suppliers.

Image Source: S.E.H Kelly

Burgeoning talent Azealia Banks looks set to leave an unabashed mark on the hip hop industry. Armed with a razor sharp tongue and an insouciant swagger to match, L8R leaves us with a unrelenting bass pleasing snippet of her lyrical prowess. Attention grabbing gimmicks don't make the cut in her repertoire, delivering a distilled rawness that is almost unheard of amongst her peers.

Renowned for handling the premium Purple Label for The North Face, Japanese label Nanamica once again demonstrate their tenacious affinity towards technical functionality and austere simplicity with their  Fall/Winter 2010 Cycle Pack. Made from Cordura Nylon, the pack's stark uninterrupted design is a prime example of utilitarian aesthetics.

Image Source: Present London