Thursday, 26 August 2010

Levi's x Beardyman & Bass Clef

Tuesday night saw Beardyman and Bass Clef's turn to make their rampant mark on one of the intimate Levi's Craft of Music live sessions. Having made the short walk over to the Levi's store on Regent Street after work, we were greeted in the warmest form possible - a la open bar. However, the mainstay of the night wasn't the free tipple, but rather the unfeigned talent that was demonstrated by the two headlining acts for the evening, who treated the crowd to a plethora of gritty basslines coupled with an experimental vibe. Full details on the night's happenings can found by clicking below.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Traversing Rooftops

Nothing beats the feeling of height. The following photos were shot whilst exploring the hives of industrial activity on the outskirts of Kentish Town. Check out the full set by clicking below.

Monday, 23 August 2010

King Noir

Image Source: King Noir Online Store

Keep an eye on these guys. Purveyors of the burgeoning streetwear brand King Noir, London based creative duo Laurence Gumm and Thomas Gilmour are masters of illustrative design. Their impressive collection of t-shirts, inspired by tattooing and skateboard culture, pay testament to the intricate nature of their skills and their aptitude for delicate craftsmanship - something lacking in a mass of streetwear thoughtlessly adorned with bold fonts and brand logos. These guys don't mess about with slogans, just pure unadulterated design. Simply the way it's meant to be.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Concrete Glory

A couple of photos taken on a gloomy Saturday afternoon, in a rare part of the Kings Cross area that feels a world away from the gleam of mass redevelopment and the tourist crush. Check them out by clicking below.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cold War - Janelle Monae

'Cold War' by Janelle Monae is stunning. The compelling video can only be described as magnificent. So powerful. It's a complete paradox of visuals - mysterious yet vulnerably open, simple yet complexly intricate, soft yet hard, naive yet real. Give Janelle one take, and she'll throw back the rawest emotion I've seen in a music video for years. An extraordinary talent.

'Sky Surfing' - Toddla T x Wayne Marshall (Douster Remix)

It's pretty hard to get philosophical when a track like this speaks for itself. It is what it is - a straight up banger. Toddla T partners up with dancehall native Wayne Marshall to produce this energetic monster, tearing out every page of the rule book and clashing styles in one big musical orgy. I particularly like this remix by Douster, who strips the track back presenting it in a raw and gritty light, almost sounding like a homage to a class of earlier grime classics. Toddla T is playing Fabric this friday alongside bass don Drop The Lime, if you fancy a good night on his behalf. Check out 'Sky Surfing' below.

Photo taken from Toddla T's Myspace
Track courtesy of Big Up Magazine

Sky Surfing feat Wayne Marshall (Douster Remix) by bigupmagazine

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Hotel Mexico

'It's twinkle' by Hotel Mexico is one of those songs that come along every so often, which leaves you feeling pensive and exhilarated simultaneously in one rather confusing four minute block. Having mastered and precision-layered their instruments in an orderly chaos, the psychedelic tones hint at themes of euphoria and nostalgia, whilst the constant energetic tempo may leave the listener in store for a shock, as they are abruptly dropped off at the silence of the end.

Hotel Mexico - Its Twinkle by Second Royal Records

Also check out 'Do You Do You HAIA', a track that didn't make the cut of the new album His Jewelled Letter Box. Whilst not as striking as 'It's twinkle', they've stuck to their progressive ethos whilst presenting a lot more of a cultural sound, which if anything to go by, is a promise of exciting things from a band that thrives on experimentation.

Hotel Mexico - Do you Do you HAIA by Second Royal Records

Photo courtesy of Hotel Mexico's Myspace

Monday, 2 August 2010

Field day festivities

There were smiles all round last week when I managed to get my grubby mitts on a last-minute pair of Field Day guestlist places. So late saturday afternoon (bearing a sickly hangover courtesy of the Manchester crew's visit the night before), armed with my camera and Sarah in tow, we arrived at a sun kissed Victoria Park. Now, before we'd even set foot through the gates, this year had already trumped it's predecessors by a long shot. Yes, after past year's apocalyptic noah's ark-esque downpours, the weather had finally got tired of pissing down shitloads on a field full of hipsters.

And what a difference it made. The chilled vibe was infectious, and the mood was uplifting. Even the booze tasted better. The line up didn't disappoint either, with Caribou, whose electronic goodness complemented the setting sun well; although unfortunately, half the festival seemed to think so too - which meant that any type of dancing movement resulted almost definitely in facial contact with the (hairy) back belonging to the guy in front, tripping off the copious amounts of ketamine he had just taken. Phoenix as headliners were an obvious stand out of the day, and their flawless set was an apt closer to a triumph of a festival.

The full photo set follows.